Brook Forest Water District

About Us

Brook Forest Water District   provides water service to approximately 295 homes and 2 commercial buildings located along Brook Forest Road in the southwestern portion of the community of Evergreen, west of Denver, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  On this web site you will find information about the District’s policies, fees, board meetings, District contact information, and what to do in a water emergency.

The District maintains a water service distribution system of over 7 miles of  pipeline, three primary use deep groundwater wells, chlorination facilities, and three storage tanks.  Divided into two separate service systems by differing power suppliers, tanks and wells are located on each side for stand-alone capacity and are interconnected by a transfer station for regular daily use.

Brook Forest Water District is a non-profit governmental Colorado Special District that was formed in 1964 to serve the developing neighborhoods adjacent to the historic Brook Forest Inn.  At full build-out, the District has a capacity to serve approximately 430 residences.

The District is governed by an elected five person Board of Directors.  The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month yearly at the Buffalo Park Church of the Hills.  See the current public meeting notice on the Meetings page.

***  Annual Water Quality Report 2016 - Please see "Publications" Link

Board of Directors


President:                    Bill Weisenborn                         Term expires:      May 2022

Vice President:             Tony Langowski                         Term expires:      May 2020

Treasurer:                    Ilse Ramsey                              Term expires:      May 2020

Director:                      Bruce Nicklow                            Term expires:      May 2022

Director:                      Alice Sears                                Term expires:      May 2020