Brook Forest Water District

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Brook Forest Water District

9249 South Broadway, #200-344

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

business (800) 544-9903   maintenance (303) 674-8194 

fax (303) 679-1737



Payment Dropbox:    32758 Little Cub Road, Evergreen, CO 80437 

District Offices:   M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


            Nickie Holder,  District Administrator 

            Billing & Administrative  800-544-9903


            Dominic Monard, District Water System Operator
            Water System & Maintenance:           303-674-8194

Emergency Contact:           303-882-2244           cellular, 24 hrs.

Board of Directors:


            Bill Weisenborn, President

            Tony Langowski, Vice President

            Ilse Ramsey, Treasurer

            Bruce Nicklow, Director

            Alice Sears, Director

            Board members meet monthly at regular Board meetings held the second

            Tuesday pm monthly and are available for public input at that time.

            Interim of Board meetings, please route correspondence to the District mailing address

            and leave messages at either address.

Consulting Staff:


            Jessie Nolle PE, District Engineer                    Dick Scheurer, Legal Counsel

            Respec Water & Natural Resources                Scheurer & Associates, P.C.

            720 S. Colorado Blvd., STE 410 S                    29212 Rainbow Hill Rd,

            Denver, CO  80246                                          Evergreen, CO  80439


          Please direct phone calls for consulting staff through business office:  800-544-9903.