Brook Forest Water District
Evergreen, Colorado
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Current Rates & Fees:

Rates and Fees


Since its inception, Brook Forest Water District has maintained two separate flat rate billing schedules for its customers.  The accounts are divided into two types, water service receiving customers and vacant land owners. Both types of accounts are assessed a flat rate fee and billed on a quarterly basis.  Only three rate increases have occurred:  the first in the late 1970’s, the second in the late 1980s and the 3rd and most recent rate increase went into effect January 1, 2015.  Since that time, water service rates have remained stable.  During the state general election in November 2008, the Board of Directors received legal authority through customer support to allow the Board operating flexibility to adjust the annual property tax mill levy if needed.  This budget process is posted for customer/public input during the annual budget cycle in October of each calendar year.


Residential Customers:


Effective 1/1/15 - Residential customers will pay a quarterly fee of $120.00 for water service.  Water service fees and Readiness-to-Serve fees are due by the last day of the the first month of the quarter (i.e. - January 31st, April 30th, July 31st and October 31st), the fees must be RECEIVED by those dates, not postmarked.  Fees received after the due date are charged a $20 late fee and if not received after 60 days an additional $30 late fee will be charged and a shut off notice will be mailed out.  The water service fee is used directly for all water service operations.  Water service is restricted to indoor domestic use only by court order under the water augmentation (allowable use) plan for the District.


Vacant Land Owners:

Effective 1/1/15 - Owners of vacant land within the District where water service is available within 100 feet of their property line will be charged a quarterly fee of $60.00.  Known as readiness-to-serve fees, these fees were created under State statute and are limited in use for direct payment of bonded indebtedness of the District.  These fees are accounted for through the annual financial audit of the District and the mill levy for bond debt is adjusted if needed to accommodate the cap on collection of these fees.


Property Taxes:

Currently, the Board of Directors certifies two mill levies annually to the Jefferson County treasurer for collection through property tax assessment.  The first mill levy is assessed for collection to be used directly in expenditures related to operations, maintenance and capital construction of the water system.. The second mill levy is assessed for repayment of bonded indebtedness of the District only and is paired with readiness-to-serve fee collection to match the actual amount for annual debt retirement number.