Brook Forest Water District
Evergreen, Colorado
Brook Forest Water District is a special district formed under provisions of the Colorado State Statutes, which has five elected public officials. The Board provides for the financing and for the operations of a water distribution system which delivers water to community residents in southwestern Evergreen, Colorado. The Board has powers to impose service fees and taxes and to adopt Rules and Regulations governing the use of the District's system.
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Brook Forest Drive Construction Update (7/14/2024):

The District is replacing a portion of the waterline on Brook Forest Drive, from the intersection of Little Cub Road and Brook Forest Drive to the intersection of Brook Forest Road and Brook Forest Drive. Approximately 300 feet of the current 4” pipe is being replaced with new 6” ductile iron pipe. This pipe installation will complete a pipeline loop which is highly beneficial to mitigate main breaks.

Please note that during construction, traffic flow will be limited to one lane, which will be controlled by flaggers. Short-term road closures are possible if unexpected conditions are encountered.

Water will be temporarily shut off for certain residents as connections are made to the existing water system. Affected residents will be notified. Please be sure to check our website, Facebook page or your email for information regarding shut offs, road closures or other useful information.

Project Start Date:

Construction is scheduled to begin on July 22, 2024.

Project Completion Date:

Construction is expected to be completed by August 31, 2024. As always, bear in mind that we are working in a mountainous area. Unexpected obstacles might affect the inconvenience to residents and could impact the actual completion date.

Traffic Control:

Construction will start at 8am in the morning and go through 5pm each day.  Traffic will be impeded during those hours, please watch for delays and the construction crew and equipment.
Newsletter - July 2024
Board Meetings:

Monthly meeting are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm.  Meetings are currently being held via ZOOM conference call, please contact our office via email if you would like the meeting link. Below you will find the list of meeting dates and the monthly meeting agenda.  The annual budget is presented each year at the October meeting and the budget public hearing and rate increase discussion are held each year at the November meeting.
Current Rates & Fees:

Fees are billed quarterly at the beginning of each quarter.  Water Service fees are $120/quarter and Readiness-to-Serve fees are $60/quarter.  For all other rates and fees please see the Rules and Regulations below.
Board of Directors:

Tony Langowski, President
Ted Schlaebitz - Vice President
Bruce Nicklow, Treasurer
Steve Drucker - Secretary
Bill Moston - Director

Please send any correspondence directly to the District email for any directors.